Morph believe that the success of working in an intelligent 3D environment is to adopt a versatile approach which responds to the varying needs of both the design team and the client.

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The objectives of a BIM project often vary and flexibility in the manner in which the information is generated is essential to ensure the successful delivery of a project.

A frequent exchange of information and a creative work flow between all members of the design team adds to both the integrity and effectiveness of the varying design models.

We can create models of standalone proposed structure with relative ease regardless of the structural complexity but some of the real benefits of working in a 3D environment can be when working with an existing structure.

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Using different methods to generate existing information, including the use of point cloud surveys, allows us to create accurate models of existing structures as a base for developing new structural interventions within the parameters of the existing building.

The benefits of using BIM are clear to us, from the earliest stages through to completion of a project – we believe that clients, designers and contractors can benefit from fully engaging in this process.

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A BIM approach enables coordinated, data rich models; delivering value at all stages of a project.