Haddo Yard

A development of seven apartments in the coastal town of Whitstable, with feature detailing for the entrance area, cladding and roof.

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  • Client
  • Arrant Land

  • Architect
  • Denizen Works

  • Project Value
  • £800k

A close working relationship with the architect and contractor proved invaluable in resolving several interesting and bespoke details on this project, in a way that suited both the architectural intent and the contractor’s preferred methods of working.

One such detail was the exposed brick soffit over the doors, which the team wanted to form without brickslips or other specialist brickwork.

This was achieved by simply offsetting the cavity walls between ground and first, so that the load-bearing inner leaf of the upper floors sat directly on the outer leaf of the ground floor below (which is not normally used to support vertical loads).

A course of structural insulating blockwork was provided at the junction between the two to prevent thermal bridging.

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The overhanging outer leaf of the upper floors was supported by a custom fabricated lintel, with flanges hidden in brick courses and a concealed hanger underneath to support a course of bricks. This lintel was in turn was supported by cantilevering floor beams.

This provided an efficient structural solution, which maximised internal space and proved easy and quick to build on site.

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