Modern Detached

A new build five-bedroom detached house with contrasting brick and timber architectural elements. 
RIBA East Award 2017

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A regular arrangement of bedrooms at the upper floors open out at ground floor to a larger open-plan space. The structure comprises timber floors supported on a combination of steel beams and masonry walls. Transfer structures are required at first floor to facilitate the open plan space at ground floor. The largest of these, spanning ten metres, is designed as a bespoke fabricated steel plate girder.

This fits within the enlarged brickwork cavity and steps in depth to avoid an upstand at roof; giving a lower weight solution without compromising floor to ceiling heights at any location. The project required close collaboration with the architect from an early stage to ensure an efficient structure could be specified without compromising the architectural aesthetic.

Projecting elements and brickwork fins are carefully detailed to reinterpret the arts and crafts style

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